Back to School

We started doing book work last Monday.  We needed to get back into a routine.  This is the first time I have started school early!  The kids were actually bored!  We are using workboxes again this year.  I love them!

My oldest is settled in college now.  Her classes are starting slowly, but she is enjoying them.  She is close enough (45 minutes) that she can come home for Sea Scouts on Thursdays, but far away enough to enjoy living on campus.

Things are starting to fall into place as activities begin.  It’s a lot of driving and organizing to get everyone where they need to be.  I think it will fall into a nice routine once we figure it all out.  So far Thursday is our busiest day.  This past Thursday we dropped Maddie off for her cheerleading clinic, picked Katie up and met George for dinner.  He took Allie and David home.  I took Katie and George E to Sea Scouts were Maddie met us.  After the meeting we took Katie back to school, then home about 11:30pm!  The next day we got up and had a similar day.  Dropped Maddie off at cheer, picked Katie up, picked up Allie’s friend, took Allie and friend to Girl Scout pool party, did a little dorm shopping, picked Allie up and went home!  As we pulled into the neighborhood to get Allie we heard the Ice Cream Truck.  A sound we don’t hear out by us since it’s so rural.  The kids REALLY wanted to get ice cream!  I found the truck, flashed my lights and pulled it over!  Too funny!   

This weekend was nice.  Maddie, Allie and David started soccer.  We are so blessed to have so many homeschooling choices in this area.  We are able to choose all Christain activities!  I love it!  Cheering and soccer are offered by the same organization, but at differant levels.  We have been involved with this organization on and off for about 13 years!  It’s so nice to see it grow!  After a great soccer clinic we picked up another kid, met with a friend and came home.

Sunday we went to our “new-old” church.  This is the church that we went to when we moved out here.  It was an hour drive (most things are) and chose to attend a church that was closer.  It was so nice to see everyone!  We all really enjoyed the service and visiting with old friends!  After church we stopped for a quick lunch then on to Walmart for grocery shopping.  It was awesome to see all 5 of my kids singing and playing together in the van!  We all broke into a loud chorus of Veggie Tales at some point!!!  I split the grocery list up between the kids for a scavenger hunt.  Each child needed to get the things on their list and they were allow one item of their choosing up to about $5.  This item could have been anything!  They decided to work together and each got an ingredient for homemade milkshakes! 2 ice creams, 2 add ins and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 movie to watch with our milkshakes.  I love it when they chose to work together without being forced 🙂  We came home and all pitched in and cleaned up inside and out!  Allie wanted to learn how to mow the grass.  She loves it!  A girl after her Momma’s heart!  She mowed about half of our back yard so far.  If you have seen our back yard, it’s pretty impressive for an 11 year old and a push mower!  She is so proud of herself, we are proud of her too.  Maddie mowed grass too, George E cleaned up inside and Katie was with David.  Later on Maddie made us pizza!  Maddie and George E worked together and made everyone’s milkshakes and then we started the movie.  Most of us fell asleep!  George and Maddie even found a minute to go work out!

Today we get our school done, maintain some level of clean in the house, take Katie back to school, Allie wants to mow, then we have the Girl Scout Ice Cream Social tonight!!!  It’s busy, but awesome!  I can’t imagine my life any other way.  What a priveledge to have these children and spend so much time with them ❤


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