December 2009 part 2

Girl Scout Awards- December 6, 2009


Allie’s Junior Troop

Candid shot of Katie

George hiding!

Allie has been doing alot in Girl Scouts this year.  Her leader is AWESOME!  They are always working on something.  Maddie’s troop is girl led and not always motivated to work on things.  This is why Katie chose to do Sea Scouts instead.  The Girl Scout Christmas awards dinner was very nice!

Boy Scout Court of Honor (Awards) December 20, 2009


David and Katie

Allie and George

George opening his gift exchange gift.

The Boy Scouts did a great job on their awards.  Boy Scouts is celebrating 100 years of scouting this year.  They had someone come in as Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Boy Scouts.  He did an amazing job.  It gave me chills!  Scout Master Tony did a great job with the awards and program, his wife coordinated the food.  It was a GREAT dinner!  George is getting more involved with this troop.  He is going on the trips and camping.  He is now assistant patrol leader of his patrol.  He is working on a few merit badges right now.

George’s 14th Birthday

George picks bowling every year for his birthday!  Thank goodness for bumpers!  We have a blast bowling as a family!

David and Dad



David get bored waiting for his turn to come around again….

George’s Carrot Birthday cake!

Oopps!  I forgot to get more candles!!!  We figured it out, just with kids birthdays as of January 20, 2010 we have celebrated 61  birthdays!  No wonder I forgot candles!!!!  Wow!  That’s ALOT of birthdays!!!!


The church where we do scouts organized an evening Christmas Caroling in their little village!  The kids had fun…cookies and hot chocolate always help!



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