Christmas 2009

Twas the night before Christmas…..everything’s ready, even the new bikes!

Stockings first….

We had a great Christmas. As usual my favorite part is the kids gift exchange.  They are each given $10 to spend on each sibling and each parent.  They sometimes go in together to buy bigger gifts.  They get so creative and really think about what the other person would like. I love to see them shop, wrap and WAIT!  Then Christmas morning they are so excited!  That’s THE best part!!!!

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One Response to Christmas 2009

  1. marsha32 says:

    I'm glad I've chosen you as one of my many to open from the linky's list at the Ultimate Block Party blog…..
    I had an account here already and forgot all about it.
    I think it's about time I start blogging here about my homeschooling!!
    or at least announcing my squidoo lenses on homeschooling.

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