November 2009 part 3

Katie and Maddie joined Sea Scouts in October.  They wanted to get involved in a scouting organization that was more involved in the community.  This was their first awards ceremony

The new Sea Scouts taking the Sea Scout Oath.


Katie has thought about going to this college since she was in elementary school.  It was called Roanoke Bible College. They just changed the name to Mid Atlantic Christian University.  The website is http://www.macuniversity.edu/

The campus is very small.  Here are the admission and office buildings (the houses). The brick building on the side is the classrooms upstairs and cafeteria downstairs.  She LOVES that it’s very small.  It’s very family oriented and only about 1 hour from home. 


The far building here is one of the dorms.  The building closer in the picture is the gym, chapel and library.  Katie is thinking about staying in the dorm, so she can concentrate on school work, not on driving everyday and trying to study with 4 siblings! This way she can have a job on campus or close to it.  She is hoping to work in the library on campus.  Libraries are her FAVORITE places on earth (that and bookstores!)

The campus is absolutely beautiful. It’s right on the river!

Katie and Dad

Katie and Mom

Me and George

David modeling his new jacket!  He got it from a friend at church.  He LOVES it!


Me and George at my 21st class reunion.  We didn’t plan a 20th and then decided we wanted one.  They did a great job planning!  There were alot of people there, lots I haven’t seen since the day we graduated.

Here I am with some of my dearest friends from school.  We went to elementary, middle and high school together!  We have kept in contact for most of the 21 years.


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