October 2009

Here are some of the things we did in October….

George has been taking the kids in our backyard (7 acres) to clear paths.  They made a good one by following the deer paths that were already there.

We had a few litters of kittens recently.  David is playing with a few of the kittens in the dollhouse.  The kittens didn’t really like being on the second floor!

Allie went camping with her girl scout troop.  It was so cold and rainy!  She had a good time though.  Here she is with her Flat Stacey….like flat Stanley.

Here’s George, Katie and Maddie (all my teens) at the Peanut Festival in Suffolk.  It’s our big local event!

David and George at Peanut Festival

Katie and David at the Peanut Festival

Allie at the Peanut Festival

George and Allie at the Peanut Festival

David…..Peanut Festival

This was David’s FAVORITE ride….the Orange Whip!  Those bracelets ready paid off.  The kids rode rides AALLLL day long!  They are looking forward to the Peanut Festival next year.  Did you know that Planter’s Peanuts started in Suffolk, VA?  Yep!  A guy and his wife… The Obici’s came here from Scranton, PA and started Planters Peanuts….hence the Peanut Festival!

Driver Days…The Village of Driver in Suffolk, VA holds their annual Driver Days to raise money for their volunteer fire department.  Our Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops meet in Driver, so we got to participate!  Here is George, Maddie and Allie getting ready to line up for the parade.

Maddie helps a little Brownie hold the flag during the parade

Yep, that’s me.  Leader’s marched too!

Hee, hee!  A potty mobile!  He was in the parade, there was also a lazy boy chair mobile!  They should have combined them! lol

Our Girl Scout Troop!

Allie- at out face painting table

David got his face painted too

David was SO excited…he finally got to ride on the train!

Halloween.  We went to a friends neighborhood to trick or treat.  Katie and Maddie dressed as rag dolls (they made their own costumes….they even had glittery fake eyelashes and striped tights), George was a zombie graduate, we cut the corner of the hat and attached it to his head, it looked like it was stuck in his head(…one of my biggest fears at graduations! lol), David was a demon.  He didn’t keep his mask on long…he didn’t want to scare his friends.

Allie was a witch. ALL of the kids went to the doors with their pillow cases!  Wow…they got alot of candy!!! My favorite houses were the help yourself houses!  I got a piece of candy there too…sshhhh don’t tell!

Maddie and Katie

George Eric


George (Dad) wore David’s mask for most of the night! We had alot of fun.  It was a nice warm night and almost a full moon.  We stopped at Taco Bell for dinner on the way home.  They were really busy and we were not the only people in there in costumes.  I guess we weren’t the only ones that did’t have dinner before trick or treating!


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