Labor Day

It was a beautiful day today!  Not too hot or humid.  I have been working in the yard and outside all summer.  Today I worked on the back yard a little bit.  George went through with a BIG piece of equipment last year and cleared alot of the mess they left when they clear cut.  I have been mowing more and more of the back.  We’ve made paths for the kids to ride their bikes.  The back yard is about 7 acres.  Almost half way back we made a clearing and a brick fire pit.  Tonight we roasted hot dogs back there and made s’mores.  It was alot of fun to have all of us back there enjoying what we have worked on. 

I carefully packed everything we would need back there.  Of course I would forget something….I forgot napkins.  It wasn’t too bad until David was eating his s’more. He had marshmallow all over his face and hands.  I told him to just lick it off.  He turned to George and said "Daddy, you lick it off!"  We all laughed and George did not lick it off.  It was so funny.

The cats and our Chihuahua, Roxie were back there too.  Roxie thought she could sneak a little melted marshmallow off of one of the metal skewers, well it got stuck to her fur and she took off down the path with a metal skewer stuck to her!  No, no Chihuahuas were hurt in the making of our s’mores, but it was really funny!

Some of the kids swam in the pool for a little bit.  All and all it was a nice holiday!

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