Tuesday Sept 25, 2007

Today was pretty quiet.  We are all in differant stages of this cold.  It’s the "September Back to School Now with other kids" Creepy Crud!  We all just kinda quietly got our stuff done and hung out together.  It was very nice.  I thought I’d get some pictures up here tonight.

Here’s George, Katie, Maddie and Allie making candy this summer.  We were working on the "Sweet Shoppe" Girl Scout badge.  We made SSOOOO much candy.  It was a really nice "problem" to have.

The other day Allie was SO sweet and packed a picnic lunch for her and David.  They took it out back and shared with Maddie and Big Daddy Mac!  Silly kitty!

Allie at half time of her soccer game!  She loves playing. She’s doing a great job too!  Soccer season starts with the weather being SO hot, it’s been in the 90’s for most of the games and practices so far.  By the end of the season we are all FREEZING!

This is Maddie playing soccer.  I am so glad Beach JA extended the ages for older kids to play.  She mostly plays goalie.  She’s really good.  Poor thing will stop that ball no matter what-she’s gotten kicked in the face when diving on the ball!

Last Sunday Allie attended an American Girl program at a historic house in Suffolk.  Here she is dancing on the side porch.  We love learning history through programs like this.  We had plans to tour 2 Civil War houses last Friday, but had to cancel because I was sick.  I hope to get there very soon!

Here’s David helping with the new puppies!  We had a litter of 7 Labradoodles last Monday.  They are so cute.  This is our first litter that are not pure Labs.  We have a standard poodle that we paired with our chocolate lab.  We had 1 apricot, 2 blacks and 4 chocolates.  They have wavy coats right now.  Labradoodles are "designer" dogs breed for the temperment of labs, but non-shedding like poodles.

This was yesterday.  Allie was invited to play her guitar at Girl Scouts for the badge they are working on.  She "played" her version of Jingle Bells.  She did a great job!!!!  She was SSOOOO excited, she couldn’t wait for Monday to come!

Ever since George got his motorcycle last month, David wants to ride on the "bike" with Daddy. He’s the only onethat hasn’t gotten a real ride yet.  He LOVES it though.  He looks out the door…"bike, bike, bike"!!!!  Allie and I have only been down the driveway, but the other kids….you can’t get them off!  My babies!!!!….on a motorcycle!!!  The longer the ride, the more they love it!  George has enjoyed it too.  He has been able to save alittle gas money here and there and gone on rides with friends.  He hopes to do a charity ride soon.


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