Monday Sept 24, 2007

I really need to keep up with this better!  Well it’s Monday.  Today is our busy day.  The 2 older girls take co-op classes.  The "school" we went to last year closed so a friend of mine started a new small co-op.  She and another lady teach classes on Monday mornings.  Katie is taking Algebra 2 and American Gov’t.  Maddie is taking Physical Science, Bible, Scrapbooking/Notebooking and Math Skills.  They are doing very well!  I’ve been VERY pleased with the work they have done so far.  Monday nights are our Girl Scout nights.  All 3 girls meet at the same place at the same time, but with differant leaders.  I am Katie’s leader this year.  She is a Senior Girl Scout and working on her Gold Award.  Maddie is a Cadette and working on her Silver Award.  Allie is a 3rd year Brownie and having a blast.  She is taking her guitar in tonight and CAN’T wait!!!!  I have been a leader now for 11 years!!!  I have been everything but a Cadette leader (so far).

Maddie and Allie are in soccer this fall.  They are having a great season and learning lots.  They are in the Homeschool Junior Athletic division here.  I am SO glad they expanded the ages to 16!!!!  This is such a nice organization for them to play for.  We have been with them on and off since they started in 1995.  It’s nice to see my old friends!

We are still building our shed.  We’ve had some inspector issues, but it’s getting there! We are on the last steps now!!

I hope to have pictures up soon.  I’m sitting outside of the co-op now and almost out of time.  Hopefully I will be back soon to keep this up to date!


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