Monday August 27, 2007

First Day of local public school!!!!!!!  We usually do something fun, but this year we celebrated by having Katie’s teeth pulled!  Poor thing.  She had 3 cavities filled and 4 teeth pulled.  She had it all done at once and felt fine afterward!  The next town over starts school next Tuesday, we plan on celebrated by taking Maddie to the podiatrist.  Not our usual celebrations, but the kids are back in school!!!!!  It was unusually quiet here today.

Just a quick note about our summer- we finished our Girl Scout monthly projects.  June was lighthouses, that was really interesting and we learned alot.  July was "Sweet Shoppe".  We learned about candy.  This went along great with our trip to Hershey Park.  We made LOTS of candy! and learned about local candy and cake places.  August was zoololgy.  This was really neat.  We learned about endangered animals and programs across the US to help endangered animals.  We "adopted" tigers at the local zoo.  We spent some time at the zoo with the zookeeper that takes care of the tigers.  We got to learn about the tigers and about her job.  It was great that she took that time to talk to us.  Maddie wants to be a vet tech when she grows up.  We learned that vet techs are very important at zoos.  She’s thinking of going in that direction.  She is being steered to go to Virginia Tech.  They have a great program for vets, vet techs and zookeepers.

All four of the other kids got their weeks at camp and their rooms cleaned!!!! (Some are even still clean!)

We are jumping into some big home projects:  George is building a big shed out back.  He will have a nice gym out there and room left for a workshop.  Inside we are re-doing our hallway with our school stuff and adding 2 more rooms to the family room.  One room will be David’s room and one will be my craft/scrapbook room!!!!  We are very excited about all of our changes.  Hopefully a back deck will be in our future soon too.  I finally finished painting the kitchen.  We still have a few finishing touches to put on it-wanescoting, trim and wallpaper border.  Never a dull moment!!!

Hopefully I can find the time to keep this updated!  Everything is about to start for the year…soccer, scouts, enrichment classes, etc, etc, etc!


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