Sunday July 15, 2007

Wow!  I’ve really missed alot of updates!  I will hopefully get everything caught up soon.  I’ve been SO busy getting the kids rooms done while they were at camp!  We’ve moved beds around and added new furniture and bedding to the kids rooms.  Katie and Maddie each replaced their beds with futons.  This really gave them alot more space in their rooms.  Maddie also added a coffee table and DAVID!  The Saturday of my birthday party, David decided it was time to climb out of his crib!!!!  We put him down for a nap and closed the door behind us. Instead of settling down to sleep he climbed out of his crib, opened the door and said "yo!"  That was the end of peaceful naptimes!  Maddie put his mattress on her floor, we will see how that goes!  Katie found new bedding and curtains for her room.  I will hopefully get pictures up soon.

Allie left for camp today.  She will be there until Wednesday morning.  This doesn’t give me much time to clean, but I got a head start when we changed her bed back into a bunk bed (the other one was in Maddie’s room).

We are getting things straightened up around here, moving stuff around, adding stuff and ripping other stuff out.  We hopefully we will adding a big shed outside soon.  We will have to put the garage off for alittle while, but this will give George his own place for his workshop and workout equipment.  All the stuff we had in the old garage has been packed away or added in other spots since we moved!  Soon I’ll have a QUIET scrapbook area too!!!!  We are planning on building a deck on to the back off the house soon too!

Allie and Snuggles getting ready for camp.

Allie’s bunk

Allie was SO excited to see friends she hasn’t seen since last year!!!!  This is Kara, Allie and Rebecca.


1 thought on “Sunday July 15, 2007”

  1. Wow, you sound like me… staying busy. We too are about to be finished with the crib. It should be interesting. Be sure to post more pictures of all you've accomplished this summer. :)Michelle

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