Tuesday June 26, 2007

Today was hazy, HOT and humid!!!  One of those day you are VERY glad for air conditioning!!!  Allie played all day with the neighborhood kids.  Maddie babysat down the street for half of the day.  Other than that we had a quiet day.  David, George E and I napped part of the day away!  We really needed it!  David hasn’t been sleeping well through the night recently which of course means I haven’t been sleeping well. 

I did get a chance to read a book today!!!  George has known this for awhile, but I just realized today that I love to watch and read historical nonfiction!!!  Yesterday while at the Old Coast Guard Station I picked up a book, written and signed by a local author.  It’s all about that ship wreck in Virginia Beach in 1891.  Wonderfully written!!!!  I’m glad I got a chance to actually read!  I learned alot about ships and sea rescue.

Tonight George and I took George E to Boy Scouts then went out to dinner.  We had a very yummy dinner!  No little ones with us, so it was a nice time to chat and enjoy dinner.  We picked up George E and let the leaders at Boy Scouts know that we would like to get more involved in the near future. 

George E will leave on Sunday for a week of Boy Scout camp.  Katie also leaves on Sunday, but she’s headed to Camp Rudolph.  Now I have the challenge of 2 rooms in 1 week!!!!!  I should either rest up this week or get a head start!!!!


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