Monday June 25, 2007

Field Trip Day!

We went to the Old Coast Guard Station http://www.oldcoastguardstation.com/  at the oceanfront in Virginia Beach.  We met another family there and got our own tour.  The kids learned about the history of the Coast Guard and Life Saving Stations.  We had a GREAT tour and learned so much!  My girls are finishing up their Girl Scout badge of the month-lighthouses.  Just one more field trip, work at home and interview some Coast Guard friends and we should be on to next month’s badge right on time!!!  After the tour we visited a neat monument at the beach.  It’s the "Norweign Lady".  It’s a replica of the figurehead from a shipwreak in Virginia Beach in 1891.  We had the original wooden one at first, then someone was commissioned to make 2 bronze monuments.  One is in Virginia Beach facing out to the ocean toward Norway and the other is in Norway facing the ocean toward America.  After that we ran a few errands while in the "big city". 

Here are the kids in front of the Old Coast Guard Station after the tour.

David, my beach baby!!!

It was nice to get home. I planted some plants in the flower garden.  The kids requested burgers and Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese for dinner, so I made that.  They really enjoyed it!!!!  I started making a patio out our back steps and put some flowers out there.  The pool is full now and ready for the kids to swim again!


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