Friday June 22- Sunday June 24, 2007

Friday- busy day!  I ran errands and picked Maddie up from camp.  She had a GREAT time!  While I was at camp I saw alot of friends I haven’t seen in awhile.  It was very nice to talk to them again.  I got Katie and Allie registered while I was there.  We stopped at Dairy Queen on the way back.  It’s a tradition, you just HAVE to!!!!  Maddie totally forgot that her room would be clean when she got back.  She was SO surprised!!! She LOVES it.  It’s still clean!!!  Later Friday night George and I went to the neighborhood bonfire for a few hours and hung out with friends.  We had a really good time.  As we were walking back I fell flat on my face!  It was really dark and I tripped in a ditch left by tractor trailor tires!  I was perfectly fine and perfectly embarrassed!!!!  It was really funny!  Maybe a flashlight would be a good idea next time!

Saturday- quiet morning, cleaned up some.  The kids played with neighborhood kids.  I went over to a neighbors for a little while.  She had an open-house with Pampered Chef, Southern Living and jewelry.  It was nice to meet some new people and be with friends for a little bit.

Sunday- we had planned a nice quiet day of yard sales, thrift stores and Lowe’s.  Things didn’t quite happen like that.  As we were getting ready to leave we noticed our goat, Alex, wasn’t doing very well.  He hadn’t been very happy/healthy since his girlfriend died.  George and I did end up going out, but there were no yard sales to be found!  We got a call that the goat had died.  We made a quick stop at a thrift store, found cute curtains (don’t know where they are going yet) and a pair of shoes for me.  Neither were things we were looking for.  Then ran to Lowe’s… they were all out of the lumber we were looking for!  Oh well, back home.  Buried the goat.  George drained, cleaned out the pool and refilled.  I mowed the front 3 acres with the borrowed farm tractor (makes very short work of it), took down the goat pen and cleaned up the front and back yards.  VERY tired!  It was VERY hot and humid!

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