Thursday June 21, 2007

AHHHH!  I’m finally done cleaning Maddie’s room.  Spent last night looking for furniture.  Couldn’t find any that would work or that I would pay that much money for.  I finished today!  George put up the shelf I painted to match her room and I celebrated with the finishing touches.  Katie said that I am the "human easy button".  How did you do that Mom?  she said.  Really, I couldn’t have posted before pictures, it was that bad!  Now I’m working on Katie’s room.  I guess I will get this house cleaned this summer!!!!  We will get some formal schooling done, but mostly learn as we go!  Hopefully alot of house cleaning skills for the kids "classes" this summer!

this is Maddie’s bed that I turned to make a "day bed"

this is the corner of her room with her closet

This is her desk/vanity/entertainment center. (it was just used as a desk before)

another corner


1 thought on “Thursday June 21, 2007”

  1. Oh, that is just so cool!!! I can't wait to do some decorating too once we FINALLY move… yes, we're still waiting. Anyway, love the pictures! The room looks super. Blessings, :)Michelle

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