Tuesday June 12, 2007

The best thing that happened today is….David slept last night!!!!!  That means I slept last night and had a good start to my day.  I got the kitchen, living room and my room straightened up!  I spent a big part of the day burning garbage. Boy, do I miss having garbage pick up!  Public school is out here so we had friends here most of the day.  The kids played nice and kept pretty occupied for most of the day.  Not much schooling done, but happy kids!  Allie worked on Birthday thank you notes and Katie painted a really pretty picture on a piece of poster board.  I weeded my beautiful garden and priced the mulch I hope to put on it.

George E. had his Boy Scout Court of Honor tonight.  We had a GREAT potluck dinner!  Yummy!  George E. got recognized for making his "Scout" achievement.  All he needs for his "Tenderfoot" is a Scout Master Conference.

He also received beads for things he has done since joining the troop in February.  He got 3 green ones for camping in warm weather and a clear one.  I forgot what it was for, but I think it is for service.  He helped place flags on the Veteran’s graves for Memorial Day at a local cemetary.

George and I have been looking for things we can do together and are seriously thinking about getting more involved with George E’s Boy Scout troop.  George as a Assistant Scoutmaster (leader type position) and me as a Merit Badge Councilor.  George E. is excited and not at all embarrassed!


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