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A thought to ponder…

“Am I searching for mastery instead of seeking the Master?”

This was in one of my books this week and I wrote it down to make sure I came back to it.

This could apply to so many things in my life. All the areas I’m striving to be better. The lists, the books, the goals. Are those things bad? No, not IF I’m pursuing my ultimate purpose. To love God and have Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

All the book knowledge, even Bible studies, don’t necessarily mean that I am seeking the Master. I may have mastery but no master. I need to remember to read the Bible and act on it, not merely read it. My punch card for reading my Bible and going to church is not what’s going to get me to heaven. Those things are good and I’m looking to have mastery, but not without my Master.

What are your thoughts?

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Home School in the Woods Project Passport Ancient Rome Review

With products like Ancient Rome from the Project Passport series, Home School in the Woods makes it easy to add hands on history to our studies.  We love everything we have ever used from Home School in the Woods.  I was so excited to be able to review their newest Project Passport- Ancient Rome.  We used this as an introduction to our upcoming study through ancient history.
In September we will begin an year long study of ancient history. Even though I am not ready for summer to end, I am excited about what we will be studying.  The best part is that all my school age children will be working on this together.  David is 13, Evie 8 and Thomas 7.  This means we have a pretty big age spread and many learning styles.  We will be using Project Passport through the year.
Project Passport is a fun lapbook type product that helps you travel back in time.  You receive your itinerary for 25 “stops”.  These stops are your lessons.  It’s so easy to follow the step by step instructions.  The only prep I do is printing each lesson out ahead of time.   We just have an assortment of copy paper and cardstock, scissors, tape and glue sticks and we are ready to go.
During Stop #1 you will be packing for your trip.  You will make your passport and your luggage folder.  You will set up your “scrapbook of sites” which is your notebook and your timeline.  You also do a map and one lapbook book piece.  During Stop #2 you will add to your lapbook pieces and start a newspaper.  During each stop you will add more pieces.
There are “text” pages that go with each stop.  These pages are the lesson for each.  I read this while my kids are coloring and assembling the lapbook pieces.
The last few stops guides you in putting everything all together.  You end up with a lapbook, a notebook and a file folder game.  We store these in magazine boxes to make it easy to pull them our and look at them.
Here are some of my favorite things about Project Passports:
  • it’s a digital product, so you can print as many as you would like and you have it to use for another year or child
  • Home School in the Woods has everything organized so easy to use
  • we have lapbooks and notebooks to look at whenever we want
  • it fits our learning styles, not all my kids make a lapbook.  My auditory learner just listens to the lesson and I’m fine with that.  My kinesthetic kids love coloring, cutting and pasting.  They all get so much out of the lessons and remember them!
  • recommended for grades 3-8, but can be used with younger and older students

Other Project Passport Titles:

Home School in the Woods also has a Time Travelers series.  These are great too!!!  We used most of these over the past 3 years in our American History study.

You can find Home School in the Woods on these social media sites:
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Apologia General Science Review

If you are looking for middle school science course, you need to read my review of Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition from Apologia.  If you have been to my blog before you will know that absolutely love everything I have ever used from Apologia!!  We are a science loving family and Apologia has been a great fit for us at all levels.

This past year my son David took Apologia General Science, 2nd Edition in our co-op.  I wanted to compare the 3rd edition since I have heard so many good things about this new one.  David was a super good sport about using this curriculum for the review.  He enjoyed the 2nd edition and was also curious to see the changes.

We received the Textbook, spiral bound Student Notebook and the Solutions and Tests booklet.  Apologia’s books are always high quality.  The textbooks are made to last and the student notebooks can stand up to lots of use!  I will tell you my absolute favorite part: the schedule in the notebook!!!

In the student notebook there is a schedule that breaks down the entire book into daily assignments that are easy to keep up with.  I love this for scheduling at home, but it has also been such a wonderful time saver when I teach Apologia Science classes at co-ops.  The student notebook is not David’s favorite.  He doesn’t like writing and he doesn’t like the additional activities.

But the book is still a necessity for me for that schedule.  My younger daughter Evie, loves the notebooks.  She fills in everything and does all the extra activities.  I’m perfectly fine with them using it differently, because they both learn and retain the material.




Below is a picture of the first section of the notebook.  It explains how to grade if you are grading your students work.  This is a great help if you are concerned about how to do that.

The last part of the notebook is for your lab notes. There are lab sheets and more information for each experiment. I love this!  Lab sheets always get lost!  This is a brilliant way to keep your lab sheets with all of your other notes together!

I like that the modules are marked right on the pages of the text. This is new and a great way to quickly find where you are.

I love all the new things they have added to this edition.  The author, Sherri Seligson, kept some of the modules very similar to the 2nd edition, but added some really great topics. She has added Astronomy, Meteorology, Oceanography, and Marine Science!  I love this! As always, the supplies you will need for the labs are easy to get if you don’t already have them at home.

Here are the Modules:

  1. The History of Science- Search for the Truth
  2. Scientific Inquiry and the Scientific Method
  3. Documenting and Interpreting Experimental Results
  4. Scientific Analysis and History
  5. Earth Science- Astronomy
  6. Earth Science- Geology and Paleontology
  7. Earth Science- Meteorology and Oceanography
  8. General Chemistry
  9. General Physics
  10. Life Science
  11. General Biology
  12. Marine Science
  13. Environmental Science
  14. Science and Creation

You can find Apologia on these social media sites:


Apologia is  very active on these sites.  They give lots of great information and ideas.  Many people post their experiments on Apologia’s pages or tag them.  It is a wonderful resource!  Check it out!

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Crafty Classroom: Pattern Block Activity Bundle Review

We had the opportunity to try another fun product from Crafty Classroom! This summer we got to use the Pattern Block Activity Bundle.  Wow!!! This bundle is huge!!!!!

I have absolutely loved everything I have used from this company!  Two years ago I used their R. E. A. D. Curriculum Notebook to teach my daughter to read.  She loved it and did so well with it.  You can read my review here.

Since then I have I have collected a few more things from them and loved them too!  When I was asked to review something else, of course I said yes!  But, we are trying not to do too much “school” this summer.  I had a hard time deciding what I wanted because I could have picked another reading type program for Thomas next year.  After much debate I decided on the Pattern Block Activity Pack.  I didn’t have pattern blocks yet, but this gave me the perfect excuse  reason to order them.

This digital download comes as a PDF and has 731 pages!!!!! I downloaded it easily and added it to my growing Crafty Classroom folder.  I have to admit I was a little intimidated by the number of pages until I looked it.  The book is divided into many sections: seasons, holidays, letters, numbers, etc.  Each section has three levels of worksheets.  The first one is the easiest.  It has lines and colors to show you exactly where to put the blocks.  The next level just has the lines and the last level is just the outline- no lines or colors.

I printed a few of the easier ones and laid them on the table with the blocks to see if there would be any interest.  I wasn’t sure if my almost 7 year old and my 8.5 year old were too old for these or not. (The recommended ages are Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade).  They were very curious and before I knew it they had dumped the blocks in a bigger container so they could sift through them a little easier.

I left them accessible and kept printing a few more every couple of days.  They were always looking for the new ones and excited to try them.  One thing they found that they liked to do was start with the hardest level and try to solve it on their own.  If they got stumped they would ask for one of the other levels to use as the answer sheet.  They challenged themselves and each other with how many they could do without looking at the “answers”.

We enjoyed being able to print only the ones we wanted.  Sometimes we printed more than one copy of a specific sheet so they could compete.

This was a great activity for this summer, lots of learning going on, but they had so much fun that they never suspected it!

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